Claims channel from Tinsa

GRUPO TINSA, through the present claims channel is enabling a communication tool which any employee (even the executive personnel) as well our external collaborators (valuers and other technicians) rendering services to any company of Grupo Tinsa, might raise to the Governing Bodies of the Company the possible risks or breaches of the Group’s Code of Ethics or any internal regulation or protocol of action established in the Company, and/or any action that could be considered unlawful or criminal, of the one that is known or suspected.

Events related to human resources policies (career development, remuneration, etc.) except for the ones considered as working abusive terms, discriminatory or against regulations practices, or those which could endanger the employee’s health or security, or are not considered incidents reported by this channel.

The complaint shall be received by the members of the Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee of Grupo TINSA and will be processed according to the procedure of Management, Investigation and Response against Incidents Relating to the Code of Ethics.

It is recommended that you provide your contact information to facilitate any type of follow-up, clarification or assistance during the potential investigation, but the complaint report can also be made anonymously. Tinsa ensures that the computer tools used in the management of the complaint will protect at all times the confidentiality and anonymity, if any, of the complainant.

In addition to this electronic communication channel, you can also send us your complaints if you prefer to the following address:

Committee on Ethics and Crime Prevention

C/ José Echegaray, 9

28232 Las Rozas de Madrid – MADRID


To make the report, please complete the following form. All the information provided is voluntary.

Information about the complaint

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Privacy policy and personal data protection

The formulation of the complaint may be conducted anonymously. However, if you provide us with your personal data, we inform you that, in compliance with the Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament (GDPR), by fulfilling this template, you are transferring your personal data to TINSA TASACIONES INMOBILIARIAS, S.A.U., entity which, by means of its Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee, has been assigned, on behalf of the rest of the companies of Grupo Tinsa, the processing and resolution of the incidents related to the compliance of the Code of Conduct and the remaining applicable regulations.
Hereunder, we inform you about the basic information of personal data processing:

- Reponsible Entity. TINSA TASACIONES INMOBILIARIAS, S.A.U. ,VAT no. 78029774, with corporate domicile at calle José Echegaray nº 9 de las Rozas de Madrid. 28232 Madrid

- Purpose. We gather your personal data for the processing, investigation and resolution of the presented complaint.

- Active Legitimacy. Express consent of the individual presenting the complaint.

- Source : We gather and process the personal data you provide us with when filling out the template.

- Recipient. The data provided shall be processed and, if necessary, transferred to involved third parties, companies of the group, advisers, or authorities with the aim of investigating, and clarifying the facts of the complaint, determination of liabilities, implementation of corrective actions and, if applicable, to take legal and disciplinary actions demandable before the responsible bodies in every case. Data could be the object of an international transfer, if the investigation requires, to third countries, even though they do not have a comparable protection level than in the UE. In said case, the necessary means for its correct processing shall be adopted..

- Data Preservation. Your data shall be kept during the processing and resolution of the complaint and for an additional 10 years’ period with the aim of monitoring the proper processing and use of the service. Once the investigation be completed, your data shall be blocked, unless its preservation would be necessary for the processing or management of an ongoing legal/adminisitrative proceeding.

- Rights. You have the right to access, rectify, limit the processing, delete your data, oppose its processing and request the portability of data. You could address the competent Contro Authority to present the complaint you deem necessary

- Additional Information. You may consult the additional and detailed information regarding Data Protection in the following section at our website:
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