Areas of business


Tinsa is a European group specialised in valuation services from property valuations by specialist professionals to the development of software and data generation to allow other institutions and companies to perform their own valuations.


Tinsa carries out valuations of property assets to all international standards (RICS, IVS, Tegova) and offers global property consultancy services to a wide range of clients, made up of companies from many sectors, investment funds, public administration and private clients.

The group works with almost all financial entities in the countries where it has a presence. The independence of its valuations is based on applying a strict code of conduct for employees and professionals and on the absence of conflict of interest since Tinsa does not intervene in buying and selling transactions.

Tinsa has wide geographical coverage for valuations thanks to a professional network made up of over 2,000 external valuers over three continents.

As well as property asset valuations, the group also offers inventory services and has a long track record in legal valuations, valuations of all kinds of moveable assets, machinery, boats, works of art and jewellery as well as commercial funds, trademarks and intangible assets.


  • Valuation of all kinds of property assets (RICS, IVS, Tegova standards)
  • Moveable assets, machinery, installations, trademarks and intangible assets
  • Valuations, professional and energy consultancy


Tinsa is a leading provider of valuation software, data intelligence and one of the largest groups in the world with reputable low-level information about the property market.

Tinsa uses the most advanced data processing techniques to develop a wide range of IT solutions that enable financial institutions to carry out property valuations. The software is compatible with the different valuation methods and local regulations, and has great flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the different players in the sector

The combination of professional knowledge and the best market data base is behind the development of one of the most precise models of automated valuation, backed by the European AVM Alliance. Using the application of different algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques following best market practices, Tinsa’s AVM model is capable of valuing in a short period of time large volumes of property assets in transactions involving the buying and selling of portfolios, LTV tracking and securitization transactions among others.

With its activity, Tinsa generates large quantities of data that have been verified by expert valuers during site visits. The quality of this revised date gives the Tinsa database the edge. Specialised teams structure, analyse and compliment with other sources all this information to generate market insights that help enrich valuation reports and that are sold independently to third parties for analysis and decision making.


  • Property valuations software
  • Automated valuation (AVM)
  • Reputed proprietary data and open data
  • Advanced techniques for data treatment (geospatial, non-relational databases, artificial intelligence algorithms, etc.) combined with comprehensive knowledge of the valuations market
  • Digital tools for analysis and market insight generation


Tinsa is also an experienced player in the valuation of real estate and plant and machinery for insurance purposes. The Dutch company, Troostwijk, with a consolidated reputation among many of the world’s largest insurers, advises institutions and companies on valuation programs fitting in their risk strategy.

With strong roots in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, Troostwijk is the spearhead for the growth of the valuations business for the insurance sector worldwide.


  • Valuations of assets for insurance purposes
  • Loss Assessment, mainly of behalf of the insured
  • Risk surveys