The Tinsa Story


Digital leadership and internationalisation are the two main pillars in the Tinsa strategy. The company founded in Spain in the 20th century as a property valuer for mortgage loans is today a European group diversified in valuations and data software and intelligence with strong foundations in Latin America and present in Africa.

The group is firmly committed to technological improvements and extending its services in the digital world. Tinsa’s geographical expansion is based on the integration of leading companies in their respective markets.


Acquisition of Oodit (Netherlands)

Acquisition of LKS Tasaciones (Spain)

First versions produced of the new valuations tool at Tinsa Spain that will become the cornerstone in the digital transformation of valuation services

Purchase of the valuations company Persch (Germany)

Joint development between Tinsa and Troostwijk of Mensa, a valuations tool for commercial real estate in the Netherlands.


Acquisition of Troostwijk Roux Expertises (Belgium) and Roux Italy

Launch of Incoin Analytics in Mexico and Peru

New generation of web tools at Tinsa Spain (Valentino, Pickup…) to improve the quality and delivery service for valuations

Implementation of SAX in Peru, Ecuador and Morocco

Purchase of DataCentric (Spain)

Launch of Radar, the Real Estate big data tool driven by Tinsa Digital (Spain)

Acquisition of Price Value and Worth (Portugal) and fusion with Tinsa Portugal

Acquisition of on-geo (Germany)


Creation of Tinsa Digital (Spain)

New valuations approval tool Jazz at Tinsa Spain.

Acquisition of the consultancy company Burghgraef van Tiel & Partners (Netherlands)

Launch in Chile of Incoin Analytics, a new software tool for market information services

Implementation of valuations manager SAX in Colombia

Troostwijk implements Orion, a tailormade valuations ERP management tool


Acquisition of Troostwijk Gröep (Netherlands)

Creation of Tinsa Cloud, virtual computing platform for all companies within the group

Purchase of Cap Eval (Morocco)


Cinven purchases Tinsa

Tinsa Spain joins the European AVM Alliance

Acquisition of Logical Value (Ecuador)

Creation of a task owner manager based on open source technology that improves traceability and speed in valuation processes

Purchase of Bancol (Colombia)


Launch of first 100% digital service in Spain to request and purchase a valuation with no intervention from a sales agent


Acquisition of Zala (Colombia)

Purchase of Tasamadrid (Spain)


Birth of Stima, an online automated valuation tool (AVM), used by financial entities and as a business product (B2B, B2C)

Development of in-house programs to manage valuations in Mexico (SAX) and Chile (Sisgen)


Advent becomes the main shareholder


Creation of market price statistics for residential property in Spain, the Tinsa IMIE General and Large Market Index


Acquisition of Certival (Peru)


Development of the second generation of valuation software in Tinsa España (VALTIN)


Tinsa España develops a mono-team valuation system in DOS for a client/server system


Expansion begins in Latin America: Chile, Argentina and Mexico


Entry into Portugal and France


Creation of Taxo Valuations (Spain)


First automated valuation models for internal use to monitor valuations


Development of the first valuation software (VALTIN)


Tinsa is founded (Spain)