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Leading in valuations, consulting and Real Estate data in Europe and Latin America

Leaders in valuation since 1985

Tinsa is the largest platform for valuations and digitalised property data in Europe and Latin America. We are experts in valuing all kinds of assets and in generating software and data to allow institutions, companies and professionals to undertake their own valuations of property assets.

Over three million valuations annually on three continents carry the Tinsa stamp. Around 2.5 million of these are generated with digital solutions, using our automated valuation model or the specialised valuation software made available to third parties. Tinsa’s technology is used by more than 75,000 users worldwide.


Property valuations and consultancy

Valuation of all kinds of property assets (RICS, IVS, EVS standard)

Movable property, machinery, installations, trademarks and intangible assets

Valuation, technical and energy consultancy

Technology and data

Property valuation software

Automated valuations (AVM)


Reputed proprietary data and open data

Advanced techniques of data treatment

Digital tools for analysis and the generation of market insights

Services for the insurance sector

Valuation of assets for insurance purposes

Assessment of large losses


Risk surveys

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digital and on-site valuations annually


external valuers

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Our strengths


Established in 1985, Tinsa is the largest group for valuations and big data property solutions in Europe. Owned by the private equity firm Cinven, Tinsa is the first or second most important company in the sector in all countries where it has a presence. Its solid positioning in regulated activities raises a strong barrier against possible competitors. 

Human resources

Tinsa’s primary asset is its vast knowledge of local markets. Valuation activity is supported by a wide network of architects and engineers, over 2,000 professionals worldwide, who bring specialization and widespread coverage. The company also employs highly qualified professionals such as experts in Design Thinking and Cybersecurity, data analysts and data scientists, among others.

Software solutions

Tinsa has made significant investment in introducing technology throughout the valuation process. It has a wide range of software products that help other companies to manage, process and carry out valuations using different valuation technology that fully conforms to local regulations and the requirements of financial entities.

The value of verified data

Tinsa is one of the largest groups in the world with verified residential data. The large quantity of data generated for its valuations activity (up to 8,000 information fields in each assessment), collected in situ and verified by professionals, is treated, processed and complimented with other sources to generate market insights that enrich valuation reports. They are also sold independently to clients such as insurance companies, developers, REITs and servicers.

European leader in AVM

Tinsa’s Automated Valuation Models (AVM), capable of valuing large asset portfolios in a short space of time, follow the market’s best practices. The standards published by the European AVM Alliance have been led and drafted by on-geo, the group’s German subsidiary. The use of AVM is fully implemented in the valuations of portfolios for purchase, analysis of NPL and REOs, Loan to Value tracking, securitisation, etc.

Key player in the financial sector

Our activity is vital for the financial sector to work since we determine the value of property assets used as collateral in bank loans.


Tinsa is a European group firmly established in Latin America and present in Africa. Its vocation to grow means it is actively and continually looking for opportunities to add value in new countries and business areas.


A key aspect to Tinsa since it was founded in 1985. The company provides its clients with fully objective consultancy services since it does not intervene in any buying or selling transactions or manage assets. It has a rigorous code of conduct for directors, employees and valuers.

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