Head offices in Europe, Latin America and Africa

Million euro global turnover

Annual valuations

Technical experts


Tinsa is one of the largest valuation companies in the world and the leading group for property valuations and consultancy in Europe and Latin America. Established in Spain in 1985, the company set-up its first international presence in 1999. Today, the company has more than 800 employees in ten countries in three continents and an external network of over 2,000 technical experts.

Tinsa offers independent, comprehensive property consultancy services to a wide range of clients, which include most financial entities in the countries where it operates, companies from numerous sectors, government agencies and private clients.

The company carries out property valuations under a range of international and Spanish regulations (RICS, EVS and IVS) for many purposes – mortgage loans, consultancy, inheritances or accounting records, among others. It has wide experience in preparing reports and in technical and energy efficiency advice as well as company valuations.

Tinsa’s valuations and property consultancy know-how is complemented by significant business activity in valuations for insurance claims, movable goods (installations and machinery, boats, jewellery, works of art, etc) through Troostwijk, a Dutch company with a strong presence in the insurance sector and through Taxo in Spain and Chile.

Innovation forms one of the Tinsa’s strategic pillars. The company has developed its own technology to deal with large-scale valuations and to draw knowledge from its powerful database. This information, together with the knowledge held by its network of technical professionals, make Tinsa a benchmark in statistical information and market studies in the countries it operates in.

Tinsa belongs to the private equity fund Cinven and has a clear focus on international growth. It currently has offices in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Morocco, Mexico and Peru.